Premium Gutter Mesh

Triple-G® Gutter Mesh

Guttershield uses the “3G” or Triple-G® Premium Gutter Mesh for installations where a heavy-duty polymesh gutter protection system is required.

Triple-G® Gutter Mesh is the only non-screwed system that’s available in complete lengths of up to 30 metres to match your roof colour. This means that Triple-G can be cut to size on site for all lengths of gutters.

Triple-G Premium Gutter Mesh

Tough & Durable

Triple-G is made with high-density polyethylene in the upper (top side) strands of the mesh, with carbon black strands underneath for added strength. The mesh weighs nearly 1000 grams per square metre.

The product will not undergo substantial fading, change colour, or crack due to UV exposure, and comes with a 10 year warrantee from the date of installation.

Benefits of Triple-G

  • Shields gutters and valleys from leaves and debris
  • Allows for maximum water collection
  • Safe for rain tanks used for drinking water
  • Durable with a long lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance and gutter cleaning
  • Keeps out birds, vermin and wildlife
  • Suitable for a wide range of roof and gutter types
3G a.k.a. Triple G Premium Mesh

Wide Range of Colours

Slate Grey


Heritage Red


Caulfield Green

Mountain Blue



Pale Terracotta


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