Bushfire Ember Mesh

If your property is in a bushfire-prone area, then our metal ember guard mesh is the safest choice.

This fireproof (non-combustible) mesh is designed to stop bushfire embers from entering your gutter and roofing. 

It has 2mm sized apertures and is compliant with BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings.

Ember Gutter Mesh

Toughest Metal Mesh

Our ember gutter guard mesh is manufactured from non-combustible, powder coated aluminium. This mesh is designed to withstand high temperatures and won’t easily warp or change colour from the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun.

The strand thickness of the metal ember mesh is actually thinner than our polymesh gutter guard whilst being tougher, so rainwater flows easily through the mesh.

Ember Guard Benefits

  • Protects against dangerous wind-borne bushfire embers
  • 2mm x 2mm apertures block small debris from entering gutters, whilst allowing for unimpeded water flow
  • Made with powder-coated, fireproof, non-combustible aluminium metal
  • Suitable for properties with extremely high-risk BAL flame zone designations
  • Keeps out birds, vermin and wildlife
Bushfire burning in the Australian bush

Note: building regulations vary by state and local government. Please always consult your local fire department or local council for the most up-to-date information.

Great Range of Colours


Woodland Grey®

Pale Eucalypt®


Shale Grey™

Manor Red®


Make the right choice when it comes to bushfire ember protection, contact GUTTERSHIELD today!